Tiverton Art Society

email: info@tivertonartsociety.co.uk


These are held at The Castle Primary School, Barrington Street,during April and August and provide a showcase for a huge variety of work in different styles and media.

All members are invited to submit work. This must be original and not have previously been exhibited at the TAS exhibitions. Reserves and portfolios may be re-entered. Insurance is the responsibility of each artist.

Members are welcome to bring a guest to the preview.

2018 Exhibition dates
Spring Handing in 3rd April Preview 6th April 7.00pm Exhibition April 7th - 14th inclusive


  • Forms - fill in one form
  • Labels - these must be printed on thin white card or collected from a meeting

Tiverton Hospital

Members of the society are welcome to exhibit their work at Tiverton Hospital. The exhibitions are changed twice a year at the Hospital. Contact us if you are interested

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